AllTech Solutions Inc. (ATSi) is proud to share testimonials from our satisfied customers. We welcome you to contact any of the following organizations/individuals for further information on how we were able to design and/or implement solutions based on their needs:

"We have been with Dave and the rest of the ATSi crew for more years than I have fingers to count with. I could spend a lot of time just talking about the emergency service (which of course is what a customer remembers first), however I will sum it up by saying we have never had to suffer through a problem for any length of time before they were here to bail us out.  Although less memorable, the more important issue has been the quality of the day to day service, advice, and solutions suggested to keep us up and efficiently running and that experience has been terrific. As an insurance agency dealing with millions of dollars of premiums, we make a promise not only to our customers, but also to the companies that we represent that come "hell or high water" we will be there to answer and respond to any questions. ATSi has allowed us to keep those promises (and contractual requirements).  As I type this, three auditors from one of our main companies are here using our ATSi maintained system to review all aspects of our operations...and they are smiling...auditors aren't supposed to smile."
Alan R. Crane - Vice President
Bonding & Insurance Specialists Agency, Inc.

"It is with great pleasure that I write in praise of the outstanding work that ATSI performs. ATSI is an integral part of our emergency operations, managing IT from planning through implementation. We operate on a 24/7 basis, as must ATSI. In this ever evolving, ever fluid environment of emergency response, working with ATSI has enabled us to become better equipped to plan for and confront today’s and tomorrow’s technical challenges. Make no mistake, ATSI has satisfied, and continues to satisfy our requirements to produce a fast paced, effective working environment, that is local, state and federal compliant, in so much as that we may continue to serve the public to the highest of standards."
Denine Pikowitz - 911 Supervisor
Lynwood, Thornton, East Hazel Crest Combined Dispatch

“I would like to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with ATSI. We are a small business, but as everybody knows, computers have a mind of their own sometimes. We have had everything from minor to major problems with our computer and ATSI has been there to help us fix the problem. Without ATSI, we would not only have had to buy a new computer, but we would have lost everything in it. ATSI has come to our aid on numerous occasions. They are very efficient and honest about their work. They are also helping us find the best laptop for our business to expand into newer technology. Also they have the best prices for them. They are here when we need them and we appreciate them for that. Without ATSI we would have to depend on other companies to take care of us, and let’s face it...Best Buy is NOT an honest company, nor do they know how to fix a problem. Thank You to the employees at ATSI. Without you, we would not have the technology to run our business to its fullest.”
Tammy Goodlander - Owner
Don John's Garage, Chicago Heights, IL.

"ATSi has serviced East Hazel Crest Police for the last 10 years. They are very responsive to any issues. They have made many suggestions that have dramatically improved our IT program. We have a fairly complex network, connecting to various remote locations including off sight backups. Being a law enforcement agency security is of the upmost importance. We have great confidence in the Sales and Service provided by ATSi."
Ray Robertson - Chief of Police
East Hazel Crest Police Department. East Hazel Crest, IL.

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