Looking to start a new career? Alltech Solutions inc. is currently offering positions for Field Engineers!

Position Description: A field engineer is a professional who works at job sites other than the main company office or headquarters. This person often services clients at their homes or businesses. He or she may work in a variety of fields, and can be responsible for installing hardware, servicing a machine, or the maintenance and repair of already-installed products.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Installation of server and workstation hardware for services like web, mail, domain name system (DNS/DNSSEC), chat, FTP, proxies, storage, clustering, billing, in-house applications, etc.
• Installation of OS and required service packages: both open source and proprietary.
• Updating and maintaining OS and software to the latest releases, patches, etc.
• Implement security tools and practices across servers and applications/services.
• Implementation, operation and management of services like web, mail, DNS, billing, etc.
• Ensure configurations and data backup of services and implement recovery from disaster.
• Provide consultancy and design customized services according to the needs of customers and market services offering.
• Assist in the operation and maintenance of LAN/WAN and its services.
• Function as IT support independently or under supervision.
• Record servers and services/applications logs and analyze them.

Position requirements:

• Strong communication skills a must with attention to detail.
• 3 Years Bachelor Degree in IT related courses (Computer Science, Computer Applications, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunications, etc.) or equivalent work experience.
• Thorough understanding of PC and network hardware (LAN/WAN).
• Extensive experience of computers and servers or at least MCSE 2000 qualification.
• Experience in hands-on hardware troubleshooting.
• Experience in equipment support.
• Working technical knowledge of the latest operating systems, network protocols and standards.
• Ability to read all relevant documents, including OEM guides, procedural documentation and technical manuals and understand them well.
• Ability to use peripheral accessories, components and other related tools.
• Ability to carry out relevant research.
• Ability to perform tasks and prioritize in high-pressure environments.
• Able to build a good understanding of the organization’s objectives.
• Good customer-service orientation.

If interested please submit your resume to: hr@alltechsolutionsinc.net





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